Public Health of Cannabis Packaging

As more and more states welcome recreational marijuana use, the regulations surrounding its growth, transfer, and commerce are being developed as well. In the state of Oregon, public health officials and politicians have an interest in making sure marijuana is used in the safest way possible, and to keep it out of the hands of the under 21 crowd. The state also wants to discourage folks from driving under the influence and to warn them that the effects of certain types of marijuana (particularly edibles) may not be felt for 2 or more hours. They also aim to direct buyers in the proper use, hence informing customers of the amounts… Read More

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A small silver mylar bag

What is Mylar?

Mylar’s Origin & History When Mylar was developed in the 1950’s it is doubtful that the inventors realized that Mylar would one day be a very important material for the recreational and medical cannabis industry. Mylar was developed to be a superior alternative cellophane and quickly replaced cellophane. Mylar has been used in many applications including by NASA. for space suits and in experimental balloons Mylar is technically a BoPET plastics, which is basically a specially designed polyester. Marijuana and cannabis packaging is only one of the uses for Mylar, it is used in many applications because of its unique barrier properties. Mylar as a Barrier Packaging Solution Mylar can… Read More

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a info graphic on MVTR

Keeping Weed Fresh: What is MVTR

What is a Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate?  And Why Should I Care? So you started your marijuana business and things are really starting to pick up.  You’ve decided to start packaging your edibles/shake/buds etc. and every time you try and replace your turkey bag you keep hearing about barrier packaging and moisture and oxygen transmission rates.  Seriously, what the heck is that? And why should you care?  The answer has to do with the quality of your product and the shelf life while it’s sitting in a bag.  Basically, how long will the product last sitting on a shelf and how long can your end use customer enjoy it before… Read More

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