Custom Sized Bags — The Basics of Design

We get calls every day about people wanting to order custom sized bags. Congrats! These bags will be made specifically for your products and are a wonderful way to market your product. However, ordering the right bags means thinking about a few features of the bag. These main features are dimensions, side seals, zippers, hang holes, tear notches, and gussets.

Public Health of Cannabis Packaging

As more and more states welcome recreational marijuana use, the regulations surrounding its growth, transfer, and commerce are being developed as well. In the state of Oregon, public health officials and politicians have an interest in making sure marijuana is used in the safest way possible, and to keep it out of the hands of the under 21 crowd. The … Read More

Oregon Measure 91 Rule Making Begins

OLCC logo

Oregon’s Measure 91 ended Oregon’s prohibition of Marijuana and legalizing the possession and cultivation of Marijuana by adults 21 and older. The OLCC will begin accepting applications for commercial growers, processors, wholesalers and retailers on January 4th, 2016. But from now until then, we’ve got a bunch of rule making in-between!

What is Mylar?

A small silver mylar bag

Mylar’s Origin & History When Mylar was developed in the 1950’s it is doubtful that the inventors realized that Mylar would one day be a very important material for the recreational and medical cannabis industry. Mylar was developed to be a superior alternative cellophane and quickly replaced cellophane. Mylar has been used in many applications including by NASA. for space … Read More

Grumpy Cat, She Gets It

As a marijuana entrepreneur, you probably feel as though you’re juggling so many things at once. From growing or processing the bud, hiring new employees, maintaining your website, marketing, payroll, bills, putting out fires (figuratively speaking of course), it just never ends! This is especially true in the MJ industry—it’s still the Wild West in many ways. Each state has … Read More

Welcome to Oregon…Recreational Marijuana Coming Soon!

Land of the rose and sunshine, Land of the summer’s breeze; Laden with health and vigor, Fresh from the western seas. Blest by the blood of martyrs, Land of the setting sun; Hail to thee, Land of Promise, My Oregon. Oregon, My Oregon J.A. Buchanan   What you need to know about recreational marijuana in Oregon. In November 2014, Oregon … Read More

Packaging 101: Start Thinking of it as A Marketing Tool

When you are a grower or edibles producer, you are probably swamped in the day-to-day details of the business. It’s all about growing and harvesting the bud. If you are an edibles maker, it’s about creating new recipes and trying new flavors which your customers may enjoy. Packaging your product can easily become an afterthought, a last-minute rush decision—just send … Read More

Keeping Weed Fresh: What is MVTR

a info graphic on MVTR

What is a Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate?  And Why Should I Care? So you started your marijuana business and things are really starting to pick up.  You’ve decided to start packaging your edibles/shake/buds etc. and every time you try and replace your turkey bag you keep hearing about barrier packaging and moisture and oxygen transmission rates.  Seriously, what the heck … Read More

A Federal End to the Prohibition of Marijuana

Exciting times for those who support the legalization of marijuana here in America. Two separate congressmen filed house bills this past Friday that if passed would take Marijuana off the controlled substances act and tax it. This would also transfer all power of regulation of the plant to the bureau of alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives. Although these bills would … Read More

Jamaica Begins Changing its Stance on Marijuana

In Jamaica on 01/23/15 a bill to amend the dangerous drugs act was laid on the table by their minister of justice senator Mark Golding. This amendment was passed only weeks later on 02/06/15, a date in which I’d like to think deliberately passed it on because its Bob Marley’s birthday. It’s no secret Bob Marley was against the political … Read More