Cannabis Bags: 1 gram – 1 Ounce Smell Proof Bags

1 Pound Smell Proof Bags For Cannabis Storage

Our Mylar Bags Are Better!

Smell Proof & Moisture Control
Strong 1/4 or 3/8 seams
Nylon + Mylar = Highest Durability
Smell Proof & Moisture Control
Keeps Cannabis From Drying Out
FDA Approved & Kosher
BPA, TSE Sulfer & Pthalates free!
American Made!

Selecting The Right Weed Bag:

All our packaging is the highest quality barrier packaging meaning it keeps your weed or edible fresh much longer than normal plastic bags. We carry a full selection of weed bags and edible bags from dime baggies to much larger vacuum bags for growers.

  • Stand-Up Odor Proof Bags (SUP): Great for packaging edibles, Stand-up Pouches (SUPs) can do exactly that, stand up on a shelf. We carry a variety of sizes and colors, all our SUP bags are smell-proof and are true barrier bags so they control oxygen and moisture transmission, which means the contents stay fresher longer!
  • Vacuum Bags / Curing Bags: Looking for the perfect vacuum curing bag? We have them, generously sized, made of durable nylon these bags can hold a lot of weed. These bags can also come in a zip top.
  • Natural Kraft Paper Bags: Want the look of paper but still want a smell proof barrier bag? Our Kraft paper bags are the answer, these bags have two layers, a outer paper layer and a inner foil layer that providers the durable smell proof barrier protection!