The Natural: Kraft Paper Smell Proof Bags


Due to extreme demand some bags will experience a 2 week lead time (we are making them as quick as we can! πŸ˜‰ Call to confirm if that is important Thanks!

Give your herb or edibles a wholesome and crafty look with these amazing Kraft barrier bags. With excellent oxygen and moisture barriers, our Kraft bags are also FDA approved. A popular option due to its organic look and feel, while still maintaining important barrier properties, these Kraft paper smell proof bags will make your products fly off the shelves!

Edibles and small amounts of herb fit perfectly in our small size, while growers may wish to promote the organic and earth-friendly attributes of their buds with our extra large size.

Size / Weight

Size / Weight
Dimensions Zipper
Hang Hole
Tiny 2″ X 3″ – Lay Flat Yes No
1g – 1/8 oz 3.5″ X 4.5″ – Lay Flat Yes Yes
1/8 oz 3.5″ X 5″ X 1.5″ Yes Yes
1/4 oz 4β€³ X 6β€³ X 2.5″ Yes Yes
1/2 oz 5β€³ X 8.5β€³ X 3″ Yes Yes
1 oz 6β€³ X 9.5β€³ X 3.5″ Yes Yes
X-Large 7.5β€³ X 11.5β€³ X 3.5″ Yes Yes


  • Heat-Seable β€” Yes
  • Re-Closable Zipper β€” Yes
  • Smell Proof β€” Yes
  • Moisture Control Technology β€” Yes
  • Wash 502 Complaint β€” Call
  • Child Resistant Features β€” Call for ASTM
  • BPA, TSE Sulfer & Pthalates free!
  • FDA Food Grade & Kosher β€” Yes
  • Made in U.S.A.

Β The Natural: Kraft Paper Smell Proof Bags

  • Brown Kraft Paper Exterior / Foil Interior Opaque Barrier – The kraft paper lends an organic and healthful image to your product.
  • Easy to Seal and Re-seal β€” Our bags have a generous top lip giving you and your customer plenty of paper to grab on to when sealing or resealing the barrier bag.
  • Lay Flat Bags – Perfect for storing individual or multiple servings and easily hang from a display wall (we carry stand up pouches as well).
  • Re-closable Zipper – Keep your product fresh as your customers use the product over and over again.
  • Ultimate Extended Shelf Life– these opaque barrier bags reduce oxygen and moisture vapor transmission which helps to extend the shelf life for a variety of products. See the Additional Information tab for precise data on the oxygen and moisture transmission features of our products.
Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A